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The Mission Fitness and Nutrition Difference

Who we are:

Mission Fitness and Nutrition is a private, members-only, premium Personal Training, Sports Performance and Nutrition company that was founded in 2010 in Adrian, MI. Mission Fitness and Nutrition was formed with the sole purpose of creating stronger people through enhancing physical fitness, athletic performance and healthier nutrition, making the process of exercise and nutrition as enjoyable as possible, while building personal relationships with every member.

Over the last 13 years, Mission Fitness has become an industry leader with a proven training system, a track record of uncomparable success, and a strong reputation for quality care and service. This has allowed Mission Fitness to positively impacting thousands of people in the local Lenawee and South West Michigan community. 

Mission Fitness is 100% family-owned and locally operated, with a team of incredible individuals responsible for delivering a first-class training experience in a proven system that delivers life-changing results to clients. Mission Fitness and Nutrition’s headquarters is in Adrian MI and will be expanding to nearby communities in the near future.

The Mission Fitness and Nutrition Difference

What we do and who we serve:

The training takes place in small, private sessions where clients work directly with a certified trainer who is an expert in the Mission Fitness Training System. This proven, results-driven program delivers healthier, stronger and more confident people.

Mission Fitness serves adults ages 35-70 who want to lose weight, look great, and have stronger energy. We also serve youth athletes from 7-22 who want to be healthier, faster, stronger and quicker. They offer premium, customized Personal Training that has pioneered a new style of training and programming in Lenawee County. This has been a game-changer for Mission Fitness members and ignited a movement in the community.

Mission Fitness's expertise is delivered in both private and small group personal training environments.

A Message from our CEO and Founder

Eric D Driver CSCS

Hey Friends!

The fitness industry is a fast paced high energy environment that has lots of moving parts and different roles and positions for people just like you to make an impact on our community.

There is no better feeling than helping a young kid gain confidence to play better athletics or help an adult ailing from achy joints lose weight and feel like they can finally play with their kids or grand kids again or helping someone lose 30+ lbs and feel more confident in themselves.

From inside the gym to helping reach our community members we are looking for good humble people with a big heart and positive energy. If that's you, then don't hesitate to connect with our team.

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